Wednesday, March 03, 2010


This application is a very useful free alternative to those expensive Contact backup applications. It will backup/export your Contacts and SMS

This program includes:
A super-simple, lightweight GUI
The Ability to backup Contacts and SMS
Three modes of exporting: TXT and CSV and VCF
A comand-line based version of the GUI program

To Install:
Simply download the CAB file, and install it
Then navigate to Start Menu > CycloneApps > ExportStudio
and voila!

To use:
First, run the app and you will see 3 areas : What you want to output, the output format, and the folder to write to.
Select what you want to ouput
Make sure to ONLY PUT THE FOLDER in the folder text box, or you will get errors or weird results...
Once set up, click export, and the application will do its thing!
If you want to use the command-line feature, then just run the same EXE as for the GUI with parameters afterwards (see documentation)

While the CSV format can be opened in Excel or the likes, I find that the TXT format is more organized.


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