Monday, July 16, 2007


A step further than raw numeric coordinates.

Definitely it is more comfortable to see map on screen but not always it is possible, and usualy you have the paper map with you anyway at least for planning the route. On Pocket PC you can see wide area nor details. Never both of them. I cannot imagine route planning without unfolding paper map on a table.

So if you think similar way (greetings for mountain hikers, kayak travellers, bikers, and special greetings for BIRDWATCHERS) the GridHIKER is for you.
- Displaying Geographical grid for position between Lattitude -80S and 84N.
- Displaying UTM grid for position between -80S and 84N with small exceptions at irregular zone joining arround Norway and Svalbard Island.
- Displaying current position on grid.
- Can very easy set and store 6 Place Points - Home, Car, Target and 3 Way Points.
- Can draw and store your way for last 600 points. Each point is set when you change direction.
- Manual entering of position (and converting between Geo and UTM).
- One click changing of grid labels (top, bottom, left, right).
- Zoom In and Zoom Out of grid (smallest rectangle 10 pixels, biggest according to screen size)

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