Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SMS Chat Update

I've added a download link for PPCs.
This is a preview of the latest version of my SMS Chat application. Anybody interested?

The latest version uses a webbrowser class so the fonts can now be customized to suite the users taste. e.g. color, size, weight, style.

* add/update a new number directly to your Contacts list.
* messages are numbered so it is easier to copy/paste/save a particular message line
* delete a message window
* easily save the last message sent to a particular text file in your SD
* paste a contact name and number from your Contacts list to your message box
* smileys are now supported (although it is still limited)
* sms group sending
* individual sms tone for each contact
* block unknown numbers' sms message
* blacklist numbers for sms
* incoming message tone volume is independent from the set system volume
* sms sent counter
* option to show/not show incoming sms in the Inbox.
* call blocking with sms sending to VIP numbers

NOTE: SMS Chat works on WM5 OS only. I've tried it on a WM6 emulator and it worked but on an actual unit, the sms is not intercepted by the application (must be a bug or something.) The only solution for this is to use Mobile In The Hand API which costs too much for a freeware (i can't shoulder it alone.) If anybody would be interested in this application to work on 2003 and WM6 OS, a few donation would help a lot :-)

July 31, 2007 update:
very crude version of sms chat for PPC:
Download PPC cab
you'll need netcf v2
install both cab files to your SD
for portrait view pa lang ito kasi i just roughly ported it from SP to PPC. i'll try if i can fix this sa landscape view.


Anonymous said...

I cant find the download...

oldSAP said...

Hi, thanks for the interest. What is your unit and on what OS is it running?

Anonymous said...

It is a PDA with WM5

oldSAP said...

i'll create another version for PPC as soon as i'm done with the smartphone version :)

Anonymous said...

thx, that's greeat!

Anonymous said...

what kind of program do you think is blocking the interceptions? are you near finding out the problem im really interested in this program.

oldSAP said...

Hi there, i've got sms chat working on my WM6 OS Dash. What unit are you using? I asked a friend to try it out on his Dash but somehow he gets a few errors. I'm currently working on the bugs.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I tested it with a HTC-Universal (GER WM5). There is a small bug: It is not possible to install it to the storage card. It created a folder called "storage card" on the device.

And I have a question: It is possible to import the existing SMSs?

oldSAP said...

Thank you for testing the app. Install it in your device. In your \Program Files\ folder, there will be 1 exe and 5 dlls and in your Storage Card, there will be a folder called SMS Chat. It's not possible to import existing SMS' though.

Anonymous said...

the new version (JULY31) doesnot keep the chat all in one window...it creates seperate windows each time. The original file "OLD SAP SMS CHAT FEB1407" KEEPS chat in one window, conversation style..so better off using the older version while running WM6 on the dash..thanks for your help.

oldSAP said...

i think it has something to do with the way your contact's number is entered in your contact list. try to remove any space between the numbers please.

John said...

Hi, Thanks for your hard work. I have tested on a samsung blackjack WM5. Not sure if you intended for this device but it does work. Can send and receive (get notification that a sms was received). I can not however see the inbox. Can't find a way to get to it. Been looking for months for a chat style sms for my phone with security settings. If I could ask for a request I would like to see a security option to hide black list. SOmething to hide private messages... I am more than willing to test or help write some applications for you.

Mike said...

Hello Oldsap!

I was wondering if it were possible to create a version of sms chat (for Motorola Q WM5) that only has the sms blacklist from this program? I have a few people who send me waaay too many text msgs, and I'd love to be able to completely block them (so my phone bill will not be charged so much from these guys!)

Thanks & great job with all your apps!


Hanis said...

Hi, Is it possible to put it in a Samsung Ultra-Touch?