Monday, July 09, 2007


SpyderPlayer is an audio player for pocket pc PDAs.

Why did I make another one when there are plenty of good ones out there? (MortPlayer, GSPlayer, Pocket Player... etc). The reason is simple: When driving (stopped at the side of the road of course ...) playing a particular song out of many is excruciatingly difficult. I'm too used to the Jump feature in Winamp. I love the simplicity of typing a a few chars to hunt one song out of a few thousand. No existing player has this (that I could find...) so I decided to code it myself.



Anonymous said...

? wow I'm the author... and quite suprised to see this entry!

Anyway there have been a ton of updates since that version... take a look!

oldSAP said...

Thanks for visiting my blog spybld. I saw your post at xda dev :)