Monday, January 21, 2008


Ever wanted to send "HAND WRITTEN" messages though your Free/Unlimited SMS service?

If yes, try out the NEW BaselsMsgPainter V1.0! With BaselsMsgPainter you can write or draw anything and send it with a SMS message! All you have to do is start BaselsMsgPainter and draw directly in the window with your pen. To send the drawing just click [File]->[Send] and choose to send the message to a specified number or to someone from your contacts list. To preview the message click on [Menu]->[Play Msg].
If you recieve a BaselsMsgPainter Message then just Copy the text inside of the SMS and in BaselsMsgPainter click [Menu]->[Edit]->[Paste] after click [Menu]->[Play Msg]. Cool thing with this is the message will be drawn exactly as the sender drew it!

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