Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Turn your Windows Mobile ® device into a useful alarm clock with the SpoonAlarm.

The SpoonAlarm is a simple and useful alarm application, combining a friendly interface with a loud mp3 based alarm capabilities.

With a couple of clicks—you can setup your next alarm, select your favorite mp3 song, configure your preferable snoozing option and all—using a friendly user interface designed to work with no stylus.

Designed to replace the default Windows Mobile ® alarms functionality, the SpoonAlarm is simple and intuitive to use, and includes few ‘must have’ features like:

² Selecting your favorite mp3 song to wake up with
² Snoozing
² Using pre-configured alarms hours



Anonymous said...

Sucks! Doesn't work. I keep getting an error message. Using i-mate SP5.

oldSAP said...

just tried it on my Dash. Doesn't work also. I get an error message when executing the application :(