Saturday, June 28, 2008


New Customizable App Launcher

- a TouchFlo 2 style clock
- notifications for new email, text messages, missed calls, and voicemail
- One for programs with TouchFlo style interface (up to 9 pages of 9 buttons each)
- One for contacts with TouchFlo Style interface (up to 9 pages of 6 contacts each)
- One for Favorites with the ability to take a screenshot of the web page for "Visual Favorites" (up to 9 pages of 4 Favs each)

The configuration is built into each screen. Simply tap and hold to make the buttons start to shake, then tap the button you would like to configure, or tap the background to change the background image and change how many program, contact, or favorite buttons you would like.

Musicman247 of XDA-Developers

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