Sunday, February 28, 2010

GPS receiver reset utility

a small utility to reset GPS receivers

"Sometimes GPS receivers (at least my Hamlet HBTGPS20) stop working correctely (no or unstable fix). Hamlet advice is to reset it using a desktop Windows program that they provide. Unfortunately, this requires a BT enabled desktop or laptop PC. Very unpractical indeed!"

It should work on any device with .NET Compact Framework installed and for any BT serial port GPS receiver.

1 - extract the files from
2 - copy to your device
3 - run it, a shortcut to GPSReset.exe should appear inside Programs
2 - copy GPSReset.exe and OpenNETCF.dll wherever you want in your device (but not \Windows)
3 - create a shortcut to GPSReset.exe

1 - check that BT is enabled and that the GPS receiver is on
2 - run GPSReset
3 - select the serial port and and the baudrate of your GPS receiver
4 - click the Open button and wait for the Reset button to become enabled (or for an error message)
5 - click the Reset button
6 - click the Exit button, that's it
After reset it might be necessary to execute again the BT pairing procedure with the receiver.

GPS receiver reset utility

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