Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Gen.Y DualBOOT

Dual boot solution for Windows Mobile devices with XDANDROID

This app is launched by a registry key created in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\init], so it launches directly at boot after shell gets initialized.
Chefs: If u are going to cook this app into your ROM, make sure that this key gets added DURING your customization procedure (and not before!)

There are 2 checkboxes, enabling automatic boot:
AutoBoot: enabling this mode will automatically boot the OS of your choice after a 10 second countdown
> disabling autoboot will remove the countdown completely
FastBoot: enabling this mode will automatically boot the OS of your choice after a 3 second countdown (requires AutoBoot to be enabled first)

Now apart from these 2 checkboxes, u have 2 radiobuttons, which allow u to choose which OS gets automatically booted.

And last but not least, u have the 2 manual launch buttons. Pressing these buttons will directly launch (overriding autoboot) Windows Mobile or Android.

Gen.Y DualBOOT checks for 5 registry keys, which allow some form of customiation. Apart from the last key (StorageBootMode), all keys can be modified utilizing the radio & check buttons in the GUI. All of these keys can be found in:

Here's quick list describing what the keys are for
"AutoBootEnabled"=dword:1 (1: enable autoboot | 0: disable autoboot)
"FastBootEnabled"=dword:0 (1: enable fastboot | 0: disable fastboot)
"AutoBootAndroid"=dword:1 (1: boot Android | 0: boot Windows)
"StorageBootMode"=dword:0 (1: boot from Storage Card (SDMemory) | 0: boot from Internal Storage (moviNAND))
"AndroidBootFolder"=dword:0 (1: boot from \Android\ folder on storage (e.g. \Storage Card\Android\haret.exe)| 0: boot from root of storage)

The example values are the ones that are in the CAB for Internal Storage devices.

Gen.Y DualBOOT

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