Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HTC Menu Enhancement Loader

Htc Menu Loader is a little service application that loads htc menu enhancement in all windows build, even in windows mobile emulator!

Now it also replaces standard messagebox with a more finger friendly one and comes with a finger friendly config utility.

- install .net compact framework 3.5
- (W)QVGA: install cabs beginning with QVGA_WM65 from attached zip (W)QVGA_HtcMenuEnhancementPkgs.zip (note: QVGA version is from HTC Mega/Touch2 rom version 1.33). Optimized for wm6.5.1 (start menu on top), works with vm6.5.3 with some graphical problems.

- (W)VGA: you should install/cook these packages into your rom:


- (W)(Q)VGA: install (Q)VGA_WM61_HTCScroll_fix.cab (also in zip file) if you have WM 6.1

- install one of these cabs

francarl.HTCMenuLoader-BootLauncher.v1.41.cab (if you have HTC BootLauncher into your ROM)

- reboot

after reboot, you can use configuration utility into Programs folder to enable or disable enhancements. By default, htc menu loader is disabled, instead msgbox enhancement is enabled.

Registry key for configuration (or use use configuration utility!):

EnableSIP=1 ; 1 = enable ezinput sip menu popup, 0 show standard window sip menu (default 0)
EnableMenu=1 ; 1 = enable htc menu enhancement (default 0)
EnableMsgbox=1 ; 1 = enable messagebox replacement (default 1)

- EnableSIP=1 works GREAT if you want to access EzInput custom menu to access options, change language and layout

HTC Menu Enhancement Loader

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