Thursday, December 20, 2007


Adds a startup sound when your device boots up.

Simply plays "startup.mp3" (which MUST be located in your devices root) when your device starts and kills itself when the mp3 reaches it's end. The application itself is only 5kb, but im using fmod to play the mp3, and that dll is quite large. I could use playsound, but you'd be limited to wav sounds, and mp3's only work with playsound if you're using WM6. So I guess I'll release a WM6 version, which will be roughly 5 kb, and any device prior to WM6 will use fmod.

1)Extract to your device
2)Rename any mp3 "startup.mp3" and place it in your devices root.
3)Place the shortcut in the zip file in Windows\Startup
4)Soft reset and the mp3 should play on boot.

thundershadow14 of XDA-Developers

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