Wednesday, December 26, 2007

BaselsSMS'er V2.2

SMS flooding application.

All you need is a Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 5.0 and .NET Compact Framework 2.0(atleast) and cheap "SMS provider" (optional). BaselsSMS'er V2.1 can send a big amount of messages without any interruptions and with a destructive amount. The program is very simple to use. In the first input-field you write the number of your victim or you can click on the [...] button and choose a victim from your contact list. In the message-field you write your message "duhh" and last but not least the Quantity-field were you write how many messages you want to send. We at MonkeyUpdates are not responsible for any "stupido" actions done by this program. Last but not least you can change the program layout by changing the bak.png file in the skin-directory (in the Application-directory) and modifying the conf.ini file. You can find the "How to modify the conf.ini file" in the zip-folder.

Updates Made

* Fixed bug: Empty Phone number field results in a error

* Fixed bug: Empty Quantity field - | | -

* Fixed bug: Sending speed

* Add: Skin-chooser, choose skin from the app

* Add: Encrypter/Decrypter for messages

* Add: New skin, MonkeyUpdates skin

* Add: About box: MonkeyUpdates logo with App-info

Monkey Updates

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Old version... Check out the new Version of BaselsSMS'er V2.2 at