Friday, December 07, 2007


The FreeStyl launcher allows you to configure 5 pages of 12 icons (60 icons in all) as well as 4 primary icons visible at the bottom of all the pages. To move between the different pages you just slide your finger left or right across the screen to page through the icons. The launcher allows you to either choose a specific background or you can optionally rotate through all the wallpapers in a specified folder at a specified interval.

FreeStyl Locker

The FreeStyl locker features the same wallpaper engine available in the FreeStyl Launcher and optionally allows you to view a analog or digital clock. It displays all the same notificaiton icons that the Launcher does as well. At the bottom of the screen is a "slide to start" orb that allows you to unlock the locker by sliding your finger from left to right on the screen.

FreeStyl Contacts

The FreeStyl Contacts application pulls contact information from the standard Windows Mobile contact manager… it even exports all your contact images and shows them along side your contacts in the application… it also features an alphabet filter bar on the left that allows you to filter the list of contacts to a group of letters. To scroll through the contacts you just slide your finger up or down the screen.


The FreeStyl Weather application allows you to configure two different locations, one for your home area and one for an away area. The weather information is pulled periodically by the FreeStyl server and is displayed in a nice "widget looking" interface.

FreeStyl Audio Player - STILL IN DEVELOPMENT

The FreeStyl Audio Player was designed to function much like Windows Media Center… It displays icons of all the albums on your device and allows you to scroll through the icons by slding your finger accross the screen…

systeme requis: Adobe Flash Lite and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2


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