Sunday, October 12, 2008


following the time of the day

To install it :

1. Mortscript 4.1 or 4.11b must be installed on your ppc
2. Extract the archive into your Storage Card root directory (you should have a "\Storage card\AutomaticWallpaperChanger" directory next) and eventually put you own "xx.jpg" pictures (where xx is between 00 and 23) in the AutomaticWallpaperChanger directory
3. then launch the AutomaticWallpaperChanger.mscr (select the "Reinstall" option if you have used an older version).

Note : you can extract the archive in another directory if you want but don't forget to modify the AutomaticWallpaperChanger.mscr file according to this (beware to the "Moondir" and "Storage" values)

gorrunwe of XDA-Developers

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