Saturday, October 18, 2008


Customize vibration on phone ring

This small program allows customizing vibration incoming call alerts.
Windows based phones vibrate either before the ring or constantly during the ring.
Having a short ringtone can possibly solve this problem, but with long mp3 ringtone the phone will constantly vibrate during the ring.

This program will enable Windows Mobile phones to produce short vibrations when the phone rings.
Vibration patterns can be easily changed by the user.
Possibly to match vibration patterns to the ringtone, so the phone will vibrate in a rhythm.

Very low (~11K) memory usage

This software is a freeware.

How to use
1. Install the CAB
2. Soft reset the device or manually run \Program files\VAlert\VAlert.exe
3. The program is hidden by default. To display program window (if needed), run the program again
7. In Phone->Options make sure ring type is Vibrate and Ring
4. Edit script.txt to change vibration pattern. Every line in the file is a pair of vibration length and note pause
5. From the program window run Menu->Test to test the created pattern
6. Perform Menu->Hide to hide program window

ochakov of XDA-Developers

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