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WMRegOptimizer is a small tool that tries to optimize registry access - "defrag" it, if you will.It doesn't perfectly defrag it, but it goes a long way. This results in somewhat faster registry access for applications where this is the bottle-neck.

So this speeds up my device?
Not really. It lowers latency for certain system calls, which may result in some things being a bit faster. It doesn't magically make your device faster, but it may be more responsive in some situations.

Install the attached CAB on your device, and run WMRegOptimizer from your start menu.

Before pressing Go, make sure you do the following things:
- Close all running applications
- Uncradle the device
- Put the device in airplane mode
- Be sure your battery isn't on the low side

After the app says it's done, close it, and soft-reset your device.

The app may appear to freeze at times. Do not soft-reset or terminate the app. It will continue. The entire process may take up to 5 minutes.

Things going wrong is unlikely but by no means impossible, we want to minimize that chance. We do this by making sure as few apps and services as possible are using the registry. Mucking about with the registry is a dangerous thing, and if things do go wrong, often a hard-reset is needed to put things right again.

Why soft-reset
Some apps 'monitor' the registry, these will be informed of the changes. This is why you may for example get a QuickGPS popup or your backlight will go to full-power all of a sudden when the app is running. Soft-resetting makes these apps reread the correct data from the registry. The whole operation also messes with the registry a LOT, and this slows down the device as well (probably a bug or memory/handle leak in registry handling somewhere in WM). Again, soft-resetting clears this up.

This tool has been tested on my Raphael (Touch Pro), Diamond and Kaiser (TyTN II), and seems to work fine. Your milage may vary. The interface isn't much, but hey, it's about what it does

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