Friday, October 10, 2008

Fake Call [beta]

A secret weapon against boring meetings and bad dates.

Fake Call is a quick and easy way to "call yourself" in order to politely escape social situations.

While pretending to receive a phone call is possible without any special software, this usually takes too many awkward key presses and fumbling. Fake Call makes it as easy as pressing 1 button, and provides an extremely realistic incoming call experience. It also includes powerful scheduling and personalization features in a simple, unobtrusive user interface.


* Schedule a Fake Call in advance, or generate one on demand.
* Simple, touch-friendly user interface to quickly schedule a call using predefined intervals (5 minutes to 1 hour).
* Select a caller from your phone's Contacts. The selected contacts photo and phone number appear when the phone rings.
* Totally realistic incoming call experience using your phone's default ringtone and profile settings.
* Fast, small and optimized for Windows Mobile using native C++ code. Does its job and gets out of your way quickly.

Trinket Software

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Tips PDA said...

If it's beta, is it free trial or full version?