Thursday, December 24, 2009

Birthday SMS

Auto send SMS to your contacts on their birthday

This basically allows a user to set up time when the device will wake up and check if there are any bdays(after 2 hrs) and if there is then it will send a user configurable message to that contact.
This app also allows the user to add all his contacts bday from contact list to the calendar as an appointment.
NOTE: This app will send messages to only those contacts who have been added thru this app.

Steps to use it:
1. Go to options and add contact Bdays.
2. Set a generic BDay wish message.
3. Set the scheduler default is 00:00Hrs
4. Options-> save and exit.

How It works:
1> Select all the Bday from the contacts in outlook contacts and add those in the calendar as an appointment.
2> User configures a birthday message to be sent thru the SMS to the BDay BOY/GIRL.
3> Select a scedule time at which the app will run and check if there are any bdays to be wished. (threshold time is 2hrs). This is done by creating a notification to save memory and battery.
4> After checking for any bdays the app will reschedule it self for the next day at the same time.
5> If there are bday in calendar it will send a SMS to that contact with ur wish message.


Birthday SMS

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