Monday, December 28, 2009


Info ticker for your phone

StatusTicker is an app to replace the Carrier Name with a status monitor. The ticker will display phone info, weather, stocks, sports, you name it.

StatusTicker Features:
- Lotsa new bits of info on what was your phone's static network carrier name. Now you get system messages and stuff you need to know right there where you can see them at a glance.
- Not only does it display on the home screen panel, but also tickers on your incoming and outgoing calls. I know, sweet.
- It only works when you want it to. If you can't see the info the ticker sleeps.
- Low battery warning and ticker hibernates.
- Now playing track info from windows mediaplayer.
- Works on PPC as well as SMartphone.
- Works on Windows mobile 5 and 6! Take that Titanium.
- Missed call alerts. You can set the frequency in the ini. This is the spot for other important alerts to get in the short line.
- Seperate ini file for your settings
- Application Program Update reporting


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