Sunday, December 06, 2009


Appointments in Titanium

BlueProdigy is developed it in C/C++ in all of it's doing (animations, overview-update, apointments-scrolling, clock-resizing,...) and using it's own notifications for clock, alarm and calendar. Only the control of menu and language by menu is in mortscript - but that has no effect on performance - because it's only for changing settings.

So - it's extremely fast and has no noticeable effect on battery.

- Portrait & Landscape
- MUCH LANGUAGES already integrated (en,us,de,fr,es,tw,ru,au,it)
- Correct Timeformat & Start of week for this Languages
- You won't be asked for your language - Plugin uses settings of JMLToday to identify your LAnguage
- Full skinable!
- Skin support by menu
- Buttons-Support (JMLPanex) - over full PAnel to expand/collapse/jump to apps/...
- Installed by TICS - so you can use it in each Titanium Theme like Bliss, Neo,... (and can make you special skin for it)

- Settings by Menu:
-- Calendar: Max Days = how much days do you want to see? ( up to 365)
-- Calendar: Max Items = how much appointments should be displayable?
-- Animation-Speed (1-300 ms)
-- Skin-Choice (you can choice of the skins which are in V1 or each other skins you made or downloaded
-- Choice of call of your Apps for Calendar, Alarm, Clock by menu
-- manual calendar update (is done also automatic by system if next appointment shall appear

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