Monday, December 07, 2009


Watch the image from your pda's camera in a Web browser

This little app is called LiveCam and it allows you to watch what your phone's (rear) camera sees. Currently still images are taken every 5 seconds, and you can only see still images in browser but in future I'ma make it able to transfer real-time video! The app is totally uncustomizable for now. It contains whole lot of bugs. The app consists of 2 parts joined in 1 executable:

- a camera server that takes picture every 5 second
- a small HTTP server that allows you to see the most current image.
App could be possible only thanks to Alex Mogurenko's DirectShow .NET CF
- Copy LiveCam.exe and DirectShow.NETCF.DLL to one folder wherever on your device.
- Ensure you have at least 400kB free space on your device root folder.
- Check your device name in Start > Settings > System > About. E.g. mine is HTC52, some may be Pocket_PC or alike. You may change it for more friendly for you or easier to remember if you want but do it now.
- Connect your phone to WiFi or ActiveSync/WMDC. Wait until the connection is established.
- Run LiveCam.exe. Click "Enable Cam" button (don't worry there's still a camera disabled text, if you see picture from your camera then everything's allright). Click "Enable HTTP" button (same here, don't worry of the HTTP disabled text).
- Run your PC's web browser and point to http://your_device_name:1222/
e.g. http://HTC52:1222/ Should be working.
- If you want to use it via data connection you must first activate it, however it won't work if you don't have external IP service.
- If you want to access it from an Internet computer (not in your subnet), please redirect 1222 port on your WiFi router, check your Pocket PC's IP.

Known bugs/limitations:
- Only 240x320 available res (will be fixed)
- Only still images, no video (5 seconds)
- No auto-refresh in web server must refresh manually to see current image (will be fixed easily)
- No customizable HTML page (will be fixed easily)
- No customizable HTTP port (will be fixed easily)
- No way of turning Flashlight (should be fixed)
- May hang up or eat memory as I didn't try it for longer time. Please always use the Give up button to exit app so that resources are believed to be released then.


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