Tuesday, June 26, 2007

DASH Weather

A Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition Weather Program (Landscape for devices like Moto Q, T-mobile Dash, Samsung i320 & Blackjack, etc)

- Current Weather
- Adjustable # days in Daily Forecast
- Adjustable #hours in Hourly Forecast
- Animated radar (automatically finds best resolution out of 100-mile, 300-mile, & 600-mile)!
- Non-animated radar (also determines & uses best resolution)

- must install .NET CF 2.0 (see above URL for download link). Install to storage card if you have one (requires 5-6MBs of free space).
- ~1MB free space
- Application Unlocked phone (see the stickied Dash FAQ). Select "Yes" when prompted to allow DLL files to load on first run.

Shaft1978 of HowardForums

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