Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ShantzTodayChanger - Timed Wallpaper\THEME Cycler


Version History:
1.2 - 19-Jun-07 ->Major Update:
i)Added Theme Support. Changing of system colors as per theme is also supported (which is not done by any other program IIRC)
ii)Added option to keep input images\themes in a separate folder
iii)Provided a GUI Configuration module
iv)Provided option to choose between gif\jpg\png\tsk to be cycled.
1.11 - 12-Jun-07->Fixed another bug with notification queue
1.1 - 12-Jun-07 -> Fixed the bug that causes WM5/WM6 devices not to cycle wallpapers in certain conditions
1.0 - 10-Jun-07 -> Initial Release

shantzg001 of XDA-DEVELOPERS

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