Thursday, November 08, 2007

Advanced Configuration tools

Schap's Operator settings, VoIP and Advanced configuration tools


* Appearance tweaks
* Performance tweaks
* Phone tweaks
* Connections tweaks
* Bluetooth & A2DP tweaks
* Internet Explorer customization
* Comm Manager customization
* ClearType tuning
* SoftKeys changing
* Keyboard layout changing
* File associations editing
* Misc. tweaks
* Useful shortcuts for hardware & software keys

Command line options:

* AdvancedConfig /reset (soft-reset device)
* AdvancedConfig /compose (create a new empty SMS)
* AdvancedConfig /compose (create a new empty message using specified account)
* AdvancedConfig /messages (displays text messages list)
* AdvancedConfig /messages (displays messages in specified account)
* AdvancedConfig /battery (open battery settings)
* AdvancedConfig /programs (open active programs list)
* AdvancedConfig /rotate (rotate screen)
* AdvancedConfig /rotate left
* AdvancedConfig /rotate right
* AdvancedConfig /rotate
* AdvancedConfig /screen on (turn on screen)
* AdvancedConfig /screen off (turn off screen)

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