Friday, November 02, 2007


Support program for TomTom Navigator on the Pocket PC.

Do you recognize this problem?
You start TomTom, choose the destination and start driving. At the first junction you notice the voice has a low volume, so you wait till the first traffic light and check the sound volume in TomTom. This is already on the maximum setting! Apparently the system volume is on a low setting. Shit. You park the car, stop TomTom and you find out that the system volume is indeed very low. You put this on a high volume, start TomTom, choose the destination, wait for a connection with the satellites en drive off. Your total delay is 5-10 minutes.

Do you recognize this problem?
You are driving to your appointment and the last part of the route is in an unknown town. You have to concentrate on the traffic and the map and voice of TomTom. Suddenly there is a popup on the screen that reminds your appointment in the agenda. The screen is blocked! You know about this appointment, because you are driving to it! You try to get rid of the popup wile your driving in the town and there is a lot of traffic.

These two problems gave me and a colleague Peter Boot a lot of irritations and as a result I wrote a program to counteract it. This program first puts the system volume on the highest setting and after closing TomTom lowers it to the original setting. Next it starts TomTom and closes all notifications (popups) from the agenda program as long as TomTom is active. Both problems are solved this way. It does not close other notifications like for instance a low power popup.
TomTomStarter operates independently from TomTom and cooperates with all recent versions. It makes no changes to the TomTom software. So it is save to say that any problem with TomTom is not caused by TomTomStarter.

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Klaes said...

Version 1.2 is now available with support for German and Italian language.

Klaes Ypma