Friday, November 23, 2007

Finger-Friendly Friends

Finger-Friendly Friends, also known as FFF, is a finger-friendly contact list for Windows Mobile Professional (formerly known as Windows Mobile PocketPC). It lets you search in the contact list, start a phone call, fire a new SMS, etc.

How does this differ from other contact lists?

It's finger-friendly! Moreover, you type part of the name rather than doing old-fashion list scrolling. New! In version 1.0 alpha 2 you can send your GPS position to your contacts - including a map!
Yeah, fine, but there are other finger-friendly contact lists!

Sure, but this is even more finger-friendly. It features the new DRMWU-Touch keyboard.
The DRMWY-Touch keyboard

Other keyboards requires you to hit a specific button in order to type in letters. That is error-prone, especially during one-handed operation when typing with the thumb. The DRMWY-Touch ("Doesn't Really Matter Where You Touch") keyboard shows all contacts that match the letters in the proximity of where you touch the screen.

Not only is this fast, it's also squiffy-friendly!


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