Friday, January 04, 2008

Call Logs

A simple call log application.

Here in the Philippines, some of the network providers offer free calls within their network. Meaning if i am a subscriber to a particular provider, i can make unlimited free calls to other people who are also subscribed to the same provider as i am.

Also, different providers have their own prefix numbers to indicate whether the number belongs to which particular provider.

The default call log application that comes with WM phones will only show the total incoming and outgoing calls. It cannot segregate the call log based on the network provider. That is why i wrote this application.

It is for Filipino users only (for the mean time.)
* if the same applies in your country (prefix, free calls) maybe i can work something out for you

- show the total number of incoming calls and total incoming time
- show total number of outgoing calls to Globe, Smart, and Sun cellular and their corresponding total time
- show detailed outgoing calls.

Download CAB file


Anonymous said...

Could you work something out for Greece and the greek operator networks???

Here are the network IDs and codes:
202-01 Cosmote
202-05 Vodafone
202-10 Wind
and the prefixes:
(0030)697xxxxxxx Cosmote
(0030)694xxxxxxx Vodafone
(0030)693xxxxxxx Wind

It would be a very useful application! Contact me via my email if you can alter it for greek networks! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing yet? :(

oldSAP said...

Hi Iris, i'll work this today (if God permits) :)

saLim said...

Hi! This program is not working WM 6.5. please help me for this.

Bradley said...
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Bradley said...

Any chance of having it work for the UK and WM 6.5.
Need to be able to check minutes and quantities of calls. Also being able to reset both.
maybe have the option to put in the different carriers over here. some are similar to each other.