Friday, April 25, 2008

eliasweb Tools

Small-apps to make work better the PPC

Collection of small but useful tools for Pocket PC created by eliasweb

This application allows to kill the ActiveSync process when it's in idle state but it just hold in memory...


This application permits to recover some memory, sending WM_HIBERNATE message to all active applications... such as oxios hibernate, my application do the same but in auto-mode, and free up memory when there is not any window in foreground.

This application allows to save some energy in your PPC, enabling the OBEX and scanmode in Bluetooth/Irda only when it's enabled by user.
In this way only if user enables Bluetooth/Irda the PPC will receive data from other devices !

ProcessKiller alias HTCDlg_killer
This small program, permits to kill processes windows that holds memory still after closing them.
For example in some version of HTC Home, after selected the city for forecast , a child-process according to the record size of all cities in list will holds from 600 KB to 7MB in RAM !!!
To solve this issue, when the process is in a idle state, it will killed automatically by processKiller.
There are a lot of cases that processKiller it could be used... so the cab contains a configurator to add other processes over the real application.

eliasweb of XDA-Developers

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