Thursday, April 17, 2008


Find a WiFi hotspot anywhere around the world

What does WeFi do for me?

WeFi helps you find the best available WiFi connection.
With Wefi you can:

* Find WiFi access spots on the map
* Add your own WiFi spots.
* See where your friends are, whether connected close by or world wide!



Norbert said...

I didn't get from your post if this is software for laptops or phones with WiFi. I googles for WeFi and found this software goes in both laptop (XP and Vista) and windows Mobile. You can download both from

But one thing I don't understand - can it really always get me connected to a free hotspot? what if all the hotspots i can see around me in the network manager are paid-networks?

oldSAP said...

IMHO it you can only connect to FREE hotspots