Friday, April 04, 2008

ICS Control

utility for controlling internet connection sharing

ICS Control is a GUI for configuring and controlling Windows CE Internet Connection Sharing for bluetooth pan, wifi, and (maybe) vpn sharing. It uses the .Net Compact Framework 2.0 because I used this project to learn C# GUI's.

ICS Control does not require or use the Internet Sharing app that some phones have. It talks directly to the TCP/IP stack and should work on any WM5 or newer OS as long as the device has the IPNAT driver (ipnat.dll) installed.

What can ICS do? It allows a private network (for example, an ad-hoc WiFi network) to access another network (for example, the internet) as long as the windows mobile device is connected to both networks. It should be able to share between any set of adapters. The common configurations of course would be:

Cellular to WiFi (probably the most common scenario, sharing internet access to a WiFi network)
Cellular to Bluetooth PAN
Cellular to USB

But it should also work with more "interesting" combinations like:

VPN to Wifi - get wireless clients onto a VPN
Wifi to Bluetooth - allow bluetooth network devices to access a WLAN.
Wifi to USB - basically the pda acts as a wireless network card for the PC (neat, eh?)

Here's a screenshot, and the zip. It contains a single .exe, it's about 40k.

Comments, bug reports, and requests are welcome.

lysdexical of XDA-Developers


robert said...

hi there. Sharing WiFI connection through usb with PC looks nice. Does it work?
Can your application work on smartphone?

oldSAP said...

i think this one only works for PPCs