Sunday, April 06, 2008


Kills tasks even when you are not using your phone

NOTE: The method used to allow AppSentry to not run in background like other task managers is not supported on all phones/PPCs. I do not have a list of capatible devices. It will nto harm any device, but the schedule may not work as desired.

This Task Manager does not run in the background...

This Task Manager does not require you to run it...

This Task Manager kills running tasks at a schedule you set with or without notification.

There are 2 main ways to run AppSentry:

1. Manual: Run it from shortcut or map it to a hardware key. It will popup and show you the list of tasks running. If you selected the countdown option then it will countdown the number of seconds and the automatically kill the tasks. Without countdown. AppSentry will wait for you to click OK, Cancel, or Settings.
2. Scheduled: In options, tell AppSentry how often to run. After the interval you specify, it will popup and behave the same as above.

Other options include vibrate on popup, sound as the timer ticks down, and an exclusion list for apps you do not ever want to automatically kill.

Requires PPC, .Net 2.0, WM2003, WM5.0, WM6.0, WM6.1

This is an Alpha release. Tested on WM6 and WM6.1, and on Kaiser, Wizard, and Touch. Please post with any comments or suggestions. Thank you XDA!

NOTE: Be aware that arbitrarily stopping tasks is potentially harmful. I will not accept any responsibility for anything AppSentry does or does not do. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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DVS said...

If you remove it, you may get a "Notification Error" on awakening. To get rid of it, install Task Manager v3.1 by FdcSoft, find "AppSentry.exe" under "notifications" tab and delete/remove it.