Friday, April 04, 2008

rk-SMS Switch

Possible ‘Push LIKE mail’

Built with the idea of ‘Push LIKE mail’ where the device gets the SMS notification on ‘New mail’ from your email service. rk-SMS Switch intercepts the SMS and based on the SMS sender and/or message text executes the command line (such as \Windows\tmail.exe) to synchronize the emails.


* Your device is able to synchronize the emails using pocket outlook.
* Your device receives the SMS notification on new mail message.


* Push LIKE mail
* Not wasting bandwidth for keep checking the server at regular intervals.
* Saving the battery since you do not need always on gprs.

If you have multiple email accounts and want to make use of wifi network etc, then you might want to check up my other application rk-OSR which has support for command line execution.

tytnguy of XDA-Developers

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