Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OS Profiler v0.4a

My very own Volume Profile Scheduler

click here for video preview of v0.4

How to use:
- Select a volume profile for Profile 1
- Select the time you want to use Profile 1 volume setting
- do the same procedure for Profile 2
- check Active box the activate the application

Profile 1 Volume = Off, Profile 1 Time = 17:00
Profile 2 Volume = Very High, Profile 2 Time = 8:00

from 5:00PM to 7:59AM, Profile 1's Volume setting will be used
from 8:00AM to 4:59PM, Profile 2's Volume setting will be used

Change Log:
Feb 11, 2009
- fixed a bug when switching from silent to vibrate and vice versa
- the application now starts with the page depending on the day of the week

Feb 10, 2009
- added individual time scheduling for each day of the week
- new UI
- finger friendlier
- volume icon now updates for silent profiles (but not for vibrate yet)

Jan 24, 2009
- fixed the ringer volumes (fingers crossed)

Jan 23, 2009
- fixed vibrate option

Jan 22, 2009
- changed application name
- added change ringtone option
- added vibrate option (not thoroughly tested, worked fine on HTC Elfin WM6.1 and T-Mobile SDA WM6.1)

Jan 20, 2009
- fixed Regional Setting bug (hopefully)

Jan 19, 2009
- initial release

OS Profiler v0.4a

OS Profiler v0.4

OS Profiler v0.3b

OS Profiler v0.3a

OS Profiler v0.3

oldSAP SetVolume v0.2 cab

oldSAP SetVolume


DAVID said...

Hi, thx for this great tool, it's a great helper
however, I found out that the vibrate option doesn't work on my HTC TyTN II...
I think this function should not be device-specific, maybe some sort of WinCE API can do this well

oldSAP said...

thanks David. did you try to ring yor phone when the profiler switches your phone to vibrate mode?