Thursday, February 05, 2009

Yota Contacts

This is Yota Contacts, an application lifted off the HTC Quartz (MAX 4G) which is WiMax device on russian operator, Yota's network.


- Yota Contacts completely replaces the built in windows Contacts application.
- New dialer that's much faster then the built in dialer.
- Favorites groups
- Better onscreen keyboard\
- Much more, which I'm sure you'll find once you install it and play around...


- Will NOT read your SIM contacts. You would have to copy them to the phone memory if you want to use Yota Contacts.
- No easy VoiceMail access (holding down 1 doesn't work). The "New Voicemail" link on TF3D's homescreen also doesn't work.
- No "face down mute" feature.
- No "bluetooth on/off switch" while in a call.
- No "Slide to Answer".
- No "Company Directory" lookup if you're hooked up to a company Exchange server.
- This app doesn't display special characters in the contact names.
- S2U2's caller ID functions HAVE to be disabled if you have the Yota Dialer also installed. (S2U2 conflicts with the Yota Dialer)
- If you have a password lock on the phone, it will impede your ability to answer the phone quickly, because you will have to input the password before you can hit "Answer" on the screen.
- No video calling or "Videoshare" (yet)

Yota Contacts

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