Monday, February 09, 2009


MiniFlow is a utility to minimize windows application temporary, and serve as a minimized-application station, and manage them in certain way so they can be relaunch at the future. This can be very helpful when working between a lot of diffrent applications at one time.


MiniFlow is a very simple application for processing simple tasks, thus makes it very easy to use.

When working on the several applications, launch MiniFlow to minimize the most current application and/or to switch to another application. Then after MiniFlow is launched, the most current application is minimized by MiniFlow. Then user can select from the MiniFlow another application that previously had been minimized to start working on it.

After MiniFlow is launched, it stays in the background wait to be relaunched again.


MiniFlow only comes with a single executable file, with the name 'MiniFlow.exe' and you can find it in the distribution package. So the installation is simply copy it to your device at desired location. It recomended to create shortcut or quick launch for the application, and it would be the best if using hardware button for shortcut.


Basicaly, MiniFlow allows all well designed application to be processed, however in the implementation, there might be some application that just can not be handled by MiniFlow because of some restrictions. MiniFlow does not handle sub-window of an application, such a dialog boxes or popups, only main window is recognized.

MiniFlow currently does not have awarenes and does not manage minimized-application's processes and/or threads, so if they have been shutdown beyond MiniFlow, MiniFlow does not immediately realize it.


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