Friday, February 13, 2009

AudioChecker 0.2

This small program runs in the background and checks permanant if a headset is connected to the PocketPC.

When the headset is removed accidentally or intenional from the PocketPC, the volume will be set to a default value. This should prevent, that you forget to change the volume or to stop the music playing and so your music won't "annoy" other people around you.

System requirements:
.Net Compact Framework 3.5
500kB free memory

small application (about 15kB)
auto check, if a headset is connected
start of a predefined audio player when connecting with a headset
setting in registry (at the moment, till GUI)
request on disconnection
volume and music on
volume and music off

Graphical User Interface for settings
more comfortable
multilingual support
maybe more features

Further suggestion are welcome on every time.

- [ADDED] select player option(S2P, Windows Media Player or User-defined)
- [ADDED] option: selectable close event
- [ADDED] start and end volume chooser in percent (default: start-up: 20% / end: 0%)
- [ADDED] option: start and stop the application if you want
- [ADDED] option: mute ringer during playback
- initial release


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