Monday, February 16, 2009

DontSleep Wifi

This little application won't allow your Pocket PC to go to sleep.

Ever got frustrated when you are connected to Wifi and you get disconnected because your device goes to sleep mode? Then this application is for you.

Just launch DontSleep and either click on CLOSE to exit the application or HIDE to use it.


DontSleep Wifi will automatically turn on your wifi while preventing your device from going into sleep mode.

DontSleep Wifi


Steve said...

Finally somebody did something like this!!!!

oldSAP said...

i'm glad you liked it Steve :)

james said...

Thank you! I need this as my device disconnects to wifi when going to sleep (battery mode)

Keep creating useful apps! :)

oldSAP said...

you are welcome james :)

[deXter] said...

Thanks oldSAP, however, my problem is that although I *do* want WiFi to turn off automatically (to save battery), when it does reconnect, it may not always detect my home network first (shows up as unavailable) and instead it shows a list of other networks in the neighborhood ("Multiple Networks Detected"). Now here's the weird part: If I go to "WiFi Settings, even if my home network is shown as "Unavailable", I can force it to connect by right click - Connect!

Another issue is, is there any way to automatically turn on WiFi at startup, or do you know of any program that can toggle the wifi? I've tried a few but they don't seem to work for my phone. (Like CommManager, the applets in Home2, etc)

Thanks, and great blog you have here :)

oldSAP said...

thanks dexter,
you may want to try to create a shortcut link file of DontSleep to the startup folder so that your wifi will turn on after boot up (hopefully it works)

Anonymous said...

Hi, will it not consume much of your battery life if you put it your startup? thanks

JaCoL said...

dude i looking for thatk kinda of program for weeks! great one! but gut one "but" any chance to merge your program with auto of of s2u2 ?Cheers from Poland ;)

JaCoL said...

dude use a Mort Script for kill a iLock.exe of S2U2 pleaseeee

Eric said...


Thank you very much for this app. So simple and very useful.

It works perfectly on my HTC Touch HD.

I just have one small issue: when I click on "close", it refuses to close.

Do you know how I could solve this issue ?

stackwalker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stackwalker said...

I tested this application in my XPERIA X1 but It seem's doesn't work
(I launched this application and push power button on X1.
X1 enter sleep mode. 3sec later I pushed power button again.
X1 was woked up but wifi was disconnected and reconnect AP).

I'm studying windows mobile application programming now.

I interest about control wifi.
Can you open this app's source?
If you can. Can I receive this application's source code from you?
I'll wait your answer.

Thank you!

this is my email address


12:12 PM

John said...

Thanks oldSAP for the app. As the previous poster, I'd like to playing around with writing a Windows mobile application, and am wondering if you can open the source code for this app.

My email is

Andrei said...

Replace an icon to better and blue font to black std. please!

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