Tuesday, July 11, 2006


- Sends any file (jpg, txt, exe, etc) from your Pocket PC phone to your friends Pocket PC phone (who must also use GSMbeam).

- Any data sent is checked for errors and reassembled before you get a confirmation at the sending end. This means that if you see the sent ok icon it is 100% certain the file arrived intact (although the receiver could still choose to reject the transfer). Conversely, if you received a file you can be sure it is intact and not going to contain corrupted data.

- Can (and should) be left running permanently without adversely affecting the normal operation of the phone.

- Sends long text messages. Using a GSMbeam message you can send thousands of characters in one message, and in only a matter of seconds.

- Has a built in file browser that is better in many ways to the built in File Explorer. See file extensions, rename, copy, delete and view detailed file properties.

- The file browser has a built in shortcut wizard. This enables you to generate shortcuts to any program or file on your device. Unlike other shortcut creators, GSMbeam file browser allows you to choose the icon used from any dll or exe in your windows or root directory

- GSMbeam can operate using a black list. Any incoming calls that have a number matching a black list number are rejected.

- All features are fully customizable, including packet size, maximum packet transmission time, the normal phone program details, hardware line devices and logging can be set to normal or a detailed diagnostic version.

GSMbeam has been tested on some of the most popular devices before release, including....
* XDA mini
* XDA atom
* JamIn
The non phone features work on normal pocket pc's and have been tested on assorted toshiba and hp/ipaq models.

Developer: OdeeanRDeathshead


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