Monday, July 17, 2006

Teksoft Tekcomm plugin v2.0 - FREEWARE POCKETPC

Update for Teksoft Tekcomm plugin v1.0
-added toggle for phone connection (pre-last button)
-added status display for favourite SSID (last button)
-if AP is present but the device is attached to another AP (Access Point) you can attach to your favourite by pressing the last button -one hand navigation enabled for better access
-first button (icon) displays a small configuration window where you can input the phone connection and favourite SSID (you need to tap ok in the top right corner for the changes to take effect)
Known issues:
- phone connection and favourite SSID are not always restored after soft reset or enable/disable plugin
- HTC Wizard/Prophet/BlueAngel don't respond first time to wifi turn on (driver issue) so you have to turn it on first time or after soft reset

DOWNLOAD is for 2003 devices. is for 2005 devices. (320x240) is for 2005 devices. (640x480)

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