Thursday, July 20, 2006


PocketTweak is a small program for Pocket PC to configure device settings without using any registry editors.

The following settings can be configured with the current version of PocketTweak:
* To associate Extensions with Applications.
* Device power off time.
* Window animation.
* Menu animation. (Pocket PC 2002 only) new!
* System fonts.
* Font cache size.
* Scrollbar settings.
* Software Input Panel settings.
* Card battery warning.
* Pocket IE to use Clear Type Text.
* Clear history for 'Address' of Explorer.

PocketTweak has the following advantages over modifying the registry directly:
1. Safe
Modifying the registry incorrectly may cause the entire system to fail or crash, especially for inexperienced users. While PocketTweak does not have such risk.
2. Easy
When using a registry editor, you must know in advance exactly how and where to make the changes. While PocketTweak uses an easy GUI, you do not have to know anything about the registry to tweak your device.
3. Convenient
When tweaking under "Action" tab, all previous settings remain in the drop down list. Thus, you can easily go back to any former settings.

PocketTweak is a free software. License condition is written in a distributed file. Read the condition before using the PocketTweak.


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