Tuesday, July 25, 2006


YanCEyWare Reader is a Pocket PC based e-book Reader developed with an emphasis on fast and easy navigation of large hyper-linked resources. In other words, it's a very effective tool for use as a Scripture Reader. Key features of YanCEyWare Reader include the following:

* Navigation is extremely fast and intuitive using the built-in NavBar.
* Highlight or add text notes to entire verses or paragraphs.
* Create on-screen book marks and load or save entire book mark sets.
* Link across e-books. Lesson manuals and other materials can be linked directly back to the scriptures.
* History list gives fast access to the last 15 visited sections.
* Large image support. Images can be zoomed or sized to fit the screen.
* Full Screen display support.
* Quickly access footnotes and other links via pop-up windows.


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