Monday, October 16, 2006


dialDTMF a Pocket PC (Pocket Contact) plugin to dial telephone numbers using DTMF's (aka Dual Tone Multi-Frequency)

(tested under PPC2000 MIPS, PPC2000 ARM, PPC2002 ARM, Xscale WMPPC2003 and WM2003SE, WM5 - if you want your processor supported either build the exe's yourself from CVS or email me and I may look into it). There is a listed of known working hardware in the FAQ.

dialDTMF is free (in price) and released under the GPL (freedom of use). This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but is provided AS IS with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. As this is GPL there is nothing to stop you creating a fork, but if you do make a change/improvement, I'd like to see it! Please send me any changes.

* Free!
* Plugin to built-in Microsoft Contacts application.
* Works on basic Pocket PC 2000 devices all the way up to WM05 devices.
* Can be operated with one hand on most devices.
* Doesn't freak out on a landscape rotation (it uses a really small window size).
* Dials the FULL number that needs dialing based on the current location (can be used with a calling card if out on the road).
* Uses WAV files for tones so if you have a good phone short tones can be used (quicker to dial, potentially unreliable). Alternatively if your phone isn't great longer tones can be used which are more reliable (at the expense of dialing speed).
* Configurable pause between each tone played (registry setting \Software\Apps\dialDTMF\tonedelay), default 100 millisecs. You need a registry editor to set this parameter.
* Supports pauses whilst dialing (e.g. for calling cards) by using a comma (",") to pause for 1 second (use two commas ",," for 2 seconds, etc.)
* Supports normal numerics 0-9, "#" (hash or pound depending on which country you are in), and "*" (star/asterix). The extended A,B,C,D "digits" are NOT supported (I've never had call for them).
* Source/project code available. If you are missing a feature you can add it :-p

To dial:
* locally - remove the area code (and country code) then dial
* nationally (same country) - remove country code add national dialing prefix
* internationally - prefix with the international dialing code


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