Saturday, October 14, 2006


This is a Pocket PC version of the classic Battleship game. Unlike other computerized versions of the game, this one actually shoots back!

Just copy the executable to your Pocket PC and run it. It's completely self-contained. The easiest way to do this is just to click on the executable from your PPC's web browser.
Tap on the squares with question marks to locate and destroy the enemy's ships before the enemy (the computer) sinks yours!

To sink a ship, you must score a hit on each square occupied by the ship. Remember that the ships each occupy a different number of squares:

* Destroyer: 2 squares
* Submarine: 3 squares
* Cruiser: 3 squares
* Battleship: 4 squares
* Carrier: 5 squares

You can change the way the game behaves with the following options:

* Easy: When checked, this option will cause the game to use a weaker algorithm to choose a square to shoot at.
* Sounds: When checked, the program will play a short sound every time you or the computer fires a shot.
* Move Delay: When checked, the computer will pause about half a second before making its move.
* Sunk Notify: When checked, a message box will be displayed every time a ship is sunk.


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