Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Soft Keyboard Pocket PC Application

softKEY is a customisable full screen keyboard for your Pocket PC. Covering the entire screen area keys are large enough to be typed with finger-tips rather than with a stylus. The key layout; value, size and position can be changed individually for each key and thus customized 100% to your needs. The 3 line display makes it easy to cope with large amounts of text.

The illustration to the right shows a standard QWERTY layout. softKEY comes in a basic free version and a more advanced licensed version (see table below for comparison).

The clipboard is used to transfer text between softKEY and other applications in a simple manner. This approach allow you to use softKEY with most standard applications and further integrate softKEY with you own application in a more automatic manner.

The keyboard layout is defined in a simple text file, like this:
text absX 3 relY 0 25 25 a A
text relX 0 relY -25 26 25 s S
text relX 0 relY -25 25 25 d D
text relX 0 relY -25 25 25 f F
text relX 0 relY -25 25 25 g G
cmd absX 180 absY 190 50 50 ENTER 13


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