Saturday, October 28, 2006


See what you have spent before the monthly bill arrives.

Telephoning everywhere and mobile surfing is fun. Never knowing how much you’ve already spent this month is not!
That's where Smaato Cost starts: Smaato Cost tracks all incoming and outgoing calls, data connections and SMS. You only need to download a free rate plan file and smaato costs gives you always detailed information about the costs you’ve already caused.

* Tracking of incoming calls, outgoing calls, volume based or time based data connections and SMS
* Extremely detailed entry of all aspects of your rate plan including (predefinied files downloadable):
o peak/off-peak times, weekends and holidays
o home zone
o different destinations (e.g. mobile to mobile, mobile to landline)
o roaming
o multiple profiles for different SIM-cards
o included minutes, SMS and data volume
* Powerful statistics engine with filters, graphical view, summary and single connections
* Friendly, intuitive and graphical-rich user interface
* After call display: See after each call, how much it was.

Extra features

* Download application updates over the air
* Easily share the application with your friends
* Download rate plan files


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