Monday, December 10, 2007

SMS Folders Manager v2.0

Clean your text messaging folder with ease.

Did you ever wish you could add sub folders in your sms inbox so you could store messages according to the sender's name?

You can now easily add or delete sub folders to your Inbox so that you can organize your Inbox SMS according to sender/date/business/personal/etc.

- shows Unread/Read SMS in Inbox
- shows the number of SMS in Sent Items and Deleted Items folder
- ADD/DELETE sub folders in your INBOX
- shows the number of SMS in your sub folders
- REPLY TO feature (new)

Price: US$5.95

If you wish to buy this product,
1. Download this exe file DeviceID.exe
2. Copy the exe file in your device then execute the application.
3. It will generate a text file named "deviceid.txt" in \My Documents folder
4. Send the deviceid.txt file to me at with the subject "DeviceID"
5. I will need this device id to create a license for your device.
6. I will send you the download link for the SMS Folders Manager cab file

SMS Folders Manager v2.0 SHAREWARE


Anonymous said...

This program should be a freeware, since it is posted on a freeware site! And besides, transfering money via the Internet is not easy for everyone, you know. Even though I am very sorry that I cannot use this useful application, I hope that you will earn a great deal of bucks.

Merry Christmas!

oldSAP said...

Hi, i developed this using inthehand community edition which is not a freeware. The price is quite low actually when taking into consideration the cost of the program i needed to develop this :)

Georgan said...

There are much more complex and useful programs out there that don't cost a dime, my friend... Whateva! Happy holidayz!

Anonymous said...

As there is NO ALTERNATIVE for this kind of software, nobody should complain.
And the price is really low.

dadditude said...

Is there any way that you could release a time-limited or feature-limited demo of this application so that we can see if it is something we actually want/need?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great app bro!! Very useful for my every day activities! Kudos to you! keep it up!

George Estribo said...

Hey! bought this software a week ago! Great after sales service. Very cheap and yet very useful! Easy payment and fast response! Waiting for your next releases or updates! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Now I know why this is for sale not for free...Simply because this is one of the best application created that Sir Charlie had made for us that every WM device lacks and it should have so don't ask this for free from Sir Charlie because he has created and given us lots of freeware that are very useful and it is being done with lots of hard work...Just got my full version copy of SMS Folders Manager...Thanks a lot for the discount and its very useful to me..

Hats-off po ako sayo Sir Charlie

Smartamazing at

oldSAP said...

thank you for he kind word Mike.

Anonymous said...

Its my pleasure Sir Charlie...

...More Power and God Bless...

smartamazing (Mike) at

Anonymous said...

1) Does this SMS program work on the HTC Touch HD?


oldSAP said...

i think it will

Anonymous said...

Hello Oldsap,

Can i pay you via bank to bank in Phil Peso equivalent? I hope you can send me your bank details and email or mobile no. so we can go ahead with the transaction. pls email me at