Friday, April 17, 2009


Mobliza is the uber texting tool for busy people.

Mobliza Features

There are three modes: Mobliza, Auto, and Away.

Here you can talk with Mobliza and carry on conversations. It's more of a game.

Let Mobliza handle your conversations for you. Your friends/enemies/whatever can text your phone and Mobliza will try to have conversations with them! Try "tell me a joke". Watch out, Mobliza sometimes has a dirty sense of humor.

To enable/disable Auto mode, check/uncheck the Auto box. All conversations will be logged on the Away tab. Note that Mobliza will only respond to conversations if Auto or Away is checked!

In a meeting, but want people to know you can't answer them? Set your away messages here, just like instant messaging. Simply enter a message you'd like to use, then tap "+". To remove a message, tap "-". You can even insert date, time, and sender name by inserting %d, %t, and %n in the message.

To enable/disable Away mode, check/uncheck the Away box. All conversations will be logged. Select the phone number / contact from the conversations dropdown if you'd like to review or continue the conversation. Note that Mobliza will only respond to conversations if Away or Auto is checked!

You also have many options when viewing a conversation. Simply tap the conversation and you can call the sender, clear the conversation, or clear all conversations stored in Mobliza.

By default, Mobliza likes to play a sound when a message has been received. To turn this off, uncheck Sound from the menu.

System Requirements

Phone running Windows Mobile 6 Professional or Higher
3 megabytes of free space
.NET Compact Framework 3.5 (if it isn't already installed)


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