Thursday, April 02, 2009

REDFLY Mobile Viewer

REDFLY Mobile Viewer is highly unique in its approach to unleashing your smartphone's hidden potential.

REDFLY technology changes the output screen resolution on your phone allowing you to see more information in a larger window (4 selectable resolutions from 800x480 to 1024x768 depending on phone model and available memory). No other software in the world gives you this great feature. REDFLY Mobile Viewer doesn't just make your smartphone's screen bigger, you actually get more screen "real estate" to see more of a website, email, spreadsheet, etc. - without having to zoom and pan around the screen.

Just connect your REDFLY-enabled smartphone to your PC, launch REDFLY Mobile Viewer and you'll see your smartphone's screen and interface running in an application window side-by-side with your regular Windows XP or Vista applications. Keep REDFLY Mobile Viewer running all day at work switching back and forth between applications as needed.

REDFLY Mobile Viewer also enables full input and control for your smartphone from your PC's keyboard, mouse or touchpad allowing you to control the phone just like you would your PC.

It's an amazing experience the first time you see your smartphone fully unleashed giving you access to more information in a larger window while typing on a full-size keyboard.

REDFLY Mobile Viewer will change the way you work on your smartphone making using your phone much more comfortable, enjoyable and productive.

REDFLY Mobile Viewer


aiiro said...

Nytidot does the same -

Anonymous said...

Definitely not the same as REDFLY while both are handy and useful we are talking apples to oranges here.