Monday, April 13, 2009

Virtual Mobile BETA

Virtual Mobile is an online service allowing you to backup and control your whole mobile life.

It allows you to securely remote control your mobile device and its data from any computer with an Internet connection.

Control Your Mobile Data

Automatic, secure online backup of your:

Call History
You select exactly what is archived, and how often.

Move Your Data

Free your information. Take your mobile life with you when you change phones.

Virtual Mobile allows you to restore all your data to a new device. In case you have to do a hard reset or you buy a new phone, your data is safe in the Virtual Mobile cloud and it is an easy process to restore or migrate to your phone.

Transfer key data to a new mobile device
Move settings and configurations
Export Contacts, SMS, Photos, to anywhere

Secure Your Mobile Device

Always know where your device is:

Remotely lock it from your PC.
Remotely wipe data from it.
Whether you're 1 or 1,000kms away. If something happens to your device, nothing happens to your data.

Work More Efficiently

Remote control your phone from anywhere.

Send an SMS
Create/Update a contact
Organise photos
View and add events to your calendar
Do more from your desktop. No small screens, thumbs or cables required.

Virtual Mobile BETA


Anonymous said...

Be careful since this is not real freeware !! Sprite is likely going to charge users for the final release (this is just beta : . I feel Dashwire (which is really free since many years) is a better solution.

oldSAP said...

thanks for the tip :)