Wednesday, April 08, 2009


MSentinel checks for any:
- missed calls,
- unread SMS/MMS,
- 'missed' tasks and calendar reminders, and notifies about that by sound.

You can specify the time period of checking, time when the sound should be played (I don't want to be disturbed at night). You can also decide if the screen should be switched off after notification.

After checking application leaves the device in the state that was before checking (if it was 'on' state - it will be the same after checking; if it was 'stand by' state - it will be the same after checking).

Language: Polish, English.
If you want to add a new translation you can make a copy of 'English.lng' file, rename it to 'YourLanguageName.lng' and edit the strings. Save it using UTF-8 charset.

• Windows Mobile 5.0 / WM 6
• .NET CF v2.0

Licence: freeware


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